Monday, 27 February 2012

the challenge begins...

i always wanted to set myself a reading challenge. i've been impressed by some of my favourite bloggers getting through the top 50 or 100 in a year but as this is already a busy year for me - i've aimed slightly lower. only 6, but i know you'll agree with me, 6 of the best.

that's right people. this year i plan to read all 6 books by the one and only jane austen. as a big fan of Ms A, i'm ashamed to admit that i've only actually read 'emma' from start to finish. the other's i have seen plenty of adaptations of from the great to the down right terrible. i know that 6 novel's isn't a particularly tall order, but i hope to read bits and pieces related to all 6 as i go, and maybe talk about some of the screen adaptations too. if that doesn't impress you, look i even made myself a little banner to go along with the challenge.

like it? eh? eh? 

so here's the bit where i need to ask for your help. if you are an austen lover, or even an austen hater, i'd love to know your views as i read through my little book stack. i already have some ideas about characters i can't abide, plot twists that confuse me and my very favourite of those top hat wearing men. 

pride and prejudice is well underway, have you read it? i'd love to hear if you love it or loathe it.

{em} x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

wedding junkie: most pinned!

hello from dallas folks. since i'm out here in texas at the moment (for business and unfortunately not pleasure), i haven't had much time for blogging.

as my wedding is drawing closer by the day, i thought i'd show you this pic that i pinned on pinterest a few month ago which i getting repined all the time. i love this pretty wedding hair, and it seems so do lots of other people.

wedding hair is something i haven't decided on yet. i can't recreate this as my hair is way too short, but i hope to come up with something natural and pretty like this. any suggestions?

{em} x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

still searching for the perfect valentines card?

this week we ordered our wedding invitations. eek! i can't wait to show you a sneak peek when they arrived. 

the company we used was artcadia. so far they have been really helpful and quick answering my queries, which is great for the last minute bride like me. 

while i was stalking their site, i spotted their great valentines cards which i just had to order for the fella. 

if you are still searching for the perfect card, check out artcadia before they are all gone. 

{em} x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

the road ahead

i'm sorry - i've been a bad blogger. 

the pressure of having to write something witty and insightful to kick off the new year totally got to me. i should mention what a whirlwind 2011 was. i had holidays galore, got engaged, lost my aunt, my little sis went off to university, my dad turned 60 and the list goes on. 

i should say something about 2012. getting married, moving up at work, maybe making a move out of the tiny apartment. giving up on some old things and trying out some new things. challenging myself more than ever. 

so here we are - in february. a little voice is telling me i just need to click 'publish post' and i'm back on track. are you with me?

{em} x