Sunday, 27 November 2011

this november week

well hello there friends. how has your week been? we've had some sad news in the family and the mood here has been sombre. nevertheless there are some things that have brightened up my world and i'd love to share them with you. 

- flowers from my fella to mark 3 years of being a couple. i guess this is the last time we will celebrate this little anniversary i invented, as next time we will have a proper anniversary to enjoy. what a crazy thought!

- these vintage air hostess pictures (found via are fascinating. i love those funky boots.

- watching marilyn monroe and laurence olivier in 'the prince and the showgirl'. marilyn is still a glamour puss even though she wears the same white dress throughout the whole film.

- if you've ever read or watched some of the twilight stories, you might enjoy this literary examination of bella swan

what's been cheering you up this week?

{em} x

Monday, 14 November 2011

been pinned much lately?

hi friends, i just saw this cool tip (via if you want to see if anything from your blog has been pinned on pinterest, you can just go to

for example, i looked at...

.. to see who'd pinned me. i feel practically famous!

{em} x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

autumn musings

first of all, apologies for my quietness over the last few weeks. i was feeling poorly and keeping up with essential activities was about all i could manage. i was disappointed not have time to line up a 10 things post, and will do my best to make next month's extra good. anyway, i'm back to feeling better now and happy to be here. 

i was looking through my photo files this evening, and i stumbled on one of my favourite autumnal photographs that i thought i would share with you. 

this was taken on winter hill here in bolton, 2 years ago, just as the sun was going down. i love the way i captured all the colours of autumn and it reminds me of those glass bottles filled with coloured sand to make a pretty picture. 

that tree in the foreground is as gnarled and ugly as a tree can be, and yet it's shapes intrigue me. what did it look like during that summer? what does it look like now a few years on? i love that it stands there so proud. is it possible to see determination in a tree? why am i asking so many questions?

do you have a favourite photograph that you like for some quite peculiar reason? i'd love to hear about it, if only to prove i'm not completely mad!

{em} x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sunday, 6 November 2011

autumn outfits

I love autumn

hello friends. i've been putting off thinking about monday by playing at being a stylist with my polyvore account.

i'm loving this autumn weather and as the last of the leaves are dropping off the trees as i type, i'm getting very excited about my autumn wardrobe. the autumn colours suit me best of all, so this is the season where i'm in my element. i love to wear earthy tones like browns, greens and deep reds. the chill in the air means i can wear my knitted jumpers and wool hats, and i've fallen in love with this red blazer from lk bennett which i feel would make my life complete. 

oh and if i had a little dog, it would have a cute autumn jacket - fact!

{em} x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

could you be a friend of unremarkable girl?

i'm getting ready to update my sponsors on my side bar over there.

how would you like to be a friend of unremarkable girl? if you read along and would like to join in with a guest post or just get your blog button on my side bar, get in touch! of course i don't ask for any payment, only positive vibes.

thinking about it? send me an email now!