Monday, 27 February 2012

the challenge begins...

i always wanted to set myself a reading challenge. i've been impressed by some of my favourite bloggers getting through the top 50 or 100 in a year but as this is already a busy year for me - i've aimed slightly lower. only 6, but i know you'll agree with me, 6 of the best.

that's right people. this year i plan to read all 6 books by the one and only jane austen. as a big fan of Ms A, i'm ashamed to admit that i've only actually read 'emma' from start to finish. the other's i have seen plenty of adaptations of from the great to the down right terrible. i know that 6 novel's isn't a particularly tall order, but i hope to read bits and pieces related to all 6 as i go, and maybe talk about some of the screen adaptations too. if that doesn't impress you, look i even made myself a little banner to go along with the challenge.

like it? eh? eh? 

so here's the bit where i need to ask for your help. if you are an austen lover, or even an austen hater, i'd love to know your views as i read through my little book stack. i already have some ideas about characters i can't abide, plot twists that confuse me and my very favourite of those top hat wearing men. 

pride and prejudice is well underway, have you read it? i'd love to hear if you love it or loathe it.

{em} x


Blaire said...

Hey Em,
I have read them all. Emma and Mansfield Park are my favorite. Any particular order? I tried to read chronological by publishing but I think reading them by the order in which she wrote them would be fun too. She really changes her writing from Northanger Abbey, her first written, to Persuasion, her last written.When you are done reading them you should read A Jane Austen Education.

Kes said...

I haven't read any of them, but I thought I'd drop you a note to say I think your little banner and challenge title gave me a giggle! Very cute..

Kes said...

Or - I think they're cute and gave me a giggle - more what I was looking to say!

Susan said...

I bought all six novels as a set a few years ago. I read Pride & Prejudice but never got further than that. It's one of my life goals to eventually read all six but I'm not sure I could manage them all within one year. Good luck to you.

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