Tuesday, 6 March 2012

lovely old favourites

i saw today that studies have shown the act of re-reading our favourite books can improve mental health by evoking a happier times without the need to leave your chair. research has also found that the second read brings on stronger emotions as you read more deeply into a novel, understanding things you missed the first time.

it's great to hear that there is some science behind the "re-read". with the amount of new books on the shelves, it's rare for me to go back to an old favourite, but if it's good for my brain - how can i refuse? i love discovering a new author, but there are some exceptions that i will always go back to:

* jane austen's 'emma' takes me back to that teenage year when i discovered my love of austen, and reminds me of being able to eat as much as i live without worrying about my waist. 

* the harry potter books still fill me with me the thrill of hogwarts and the warm feeling of lifetime friendship every time i read them (which will never be enough by the way!)

what are your re-reads? i'd love to hear what makes you keep going back for more!

{em} x

source stylist.co.uk

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Blaire said...

I love to re-read books to me it is like visiting an old friend, good to have science back me up.

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