Sunday, 13 November 2011

autumn musings

first of all, apologies for my quietness over the last few weeks. i was feeling poorly and keeping up with essential activities was about all i could manage. i was disappointed not have time to line up a 10 things post, and will do my best to make next month's extra good. anyway, i'm back to feeling better now and happy to be here. 

i was looking through my photo files this evening, and i stumbled on one of my favourite autumnal photographs that i thought i would share with you. 

this was taken on winter hill here in bolton, 2 years ago, just as the sun was going down. i love the way i captured all the colours of autumn and it reminds me of those glass bottles filled with coloured sand to make a pretty picture. 

that tree in the foreground is as gnarled and ugly as a tree can be, and yet it's shapes intrigue me. what did it look like during that summer? what does it look like now a few years on? i love that it stands there so proud. is it possible to see determination in a tree? why am i asking so many questions?

do you have a favourite photograph that you like for some quite peculiar reason? i'd love to hear about it, if only to prove i'm not completely mad!

{em} x

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SymbioticLife said...

I once took a picture of my husband. I was attempting to learn how to use more of the manual settings on my DSLR. I'd added some filters to the lenses and the photo didn't turn out "great". But for some reason I really love it. It's a bit over exposed in some ways. The shadows cast make him look much older and wrinkled than he really is. But despite it all - I could stare at that photo all day. If you're mad, I'm right there alongside you.

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