Thursday, 2 June 2011

3 unremarkable healthy eating goals - in review

hello my lovelies! i'm popping in in-between laptop meltdowns as i promised myself i would do a review of my healthy eating goals before i forget all about them.

1} cook something new from my quorn cookbook. i did make my veggie meatballs in a blue cheese sauce. the fella even asked for seconds which is unusual for him with a meat free meal! taking the time to choose a recipe and buy the ingredients has given me a real taste for cooking "like mum does". i hope to try a new veggie recipe every weekend. 

2} cut down on the pizza. this week i replaced my usual whole pizza with just half a pizza. i had a lovely soup starter and yogurt desert and didn't miss the missing pizza at all.

3} have another look at organic. using the left over cheese from my meatball sauce, i made a lovely cheese and broccoli soup. all my ingredients were organic, and the big pot made enough soup for great healthy lunches to last all week.

these goals were so easy to achieve, it almost feels like i cheated. i won't be giving up the occasional chocolate bar just yet though.

{em} x

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