Friday, 3 June 2011

fill in the blanks friday

1} i love myself because i'm loyal, quirky and fun.... (trying out some positive mental attitude there - it feels WEIRD!)

2} a time that mum knew best was probably more often than not. more specifically, when stopping me from wearing those high heels that would have crippled my feet. what was i thinking?

3} my first kiss went a little like this. nerves, bump, adrenaline, disaster, embarrassment, escape.

4} my celebrity crush is leonardo dicaprio. leo in titanic, leo in romeo and juliette, leo in blood diamond... love love love.

5} my splurge of choice is anything from the jack wills shop. i love that place. i would use their catalogues as wallpaper if they would only send me enough of them.

6} my biggest accomplishment is the via ferrata on col dei bos in italy. that was seriously hard work. i thought i was gonna die a few times. it was a nice change to rely on my body instead of my brain for a change.

7} my dance-jam of choice is "don't stop me now" by queen. at 17 my friends and i made up some dance moves to the chorus and i've never forgotten them (though i have forgotten those friends).

{em} x

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Sarah said...

Your kiss sounds similar to mine! I love Leo too!

I am following you from Fill in the blanks Friday

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