Wednesday, 8 June 2011

3 unremarkable self-lovey goals

hello! last night i was at the concert i've been waiting for all year and i'm still on a music high today. just thinking about it is making me smile. i hope you're having a good week too. time for some little goal setting. 

this week's 3 little goals post, inspired by this series, is about loving yourself. for me, this has always been easier said than done, but i'm interpreting this as being all about positive mental attitude, which is something i really do believe in. growing up, i had never been happy about being 5ft10, curly haired, or pale skinned. now i'm in my late 20's i'm learning that i can "own" these things, and even begin to like them if i embrace them! 

tall? great long legs. 
curly hair? easy to manage in the summer.
pale skin? very english rose!

1} f*$k it! i'm reading this book, F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way and it's so inspiring though probably not for those easily offended. it's all about letting go of the reins and seeing the bigger picture. i want to finish this book and write a post with some gems i have gleaned from it.

2} draw up a positivity list. as a avid list maker, i'd love to try to come up with a list of things to feel positive about that i can draw on for inspiration when the negative thoughts come knocking.

3} wear sunscreen! ok - well this goal is actually about not about UVA, but about the Baz Luhrmann song. everytime i hear it, another line stands out as relevant to me. listening to this on the train to work in the morning should be an easy positivity boost!

are you playing along with the goal setting too? i'd love to read some more ideas! 

{em} x

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