Friday, 17 June 2011

fill in the blanks friday

hello - happy friday. it's a particularly happy friday for me as i have no work next week and i'm off on my holidays. to keep things ticking over here, i've scheduled a few posts for while i'm gone. but happily i've still got time to fill in the blanks before i go.

1} the last movie i saw was pirates of the caribbean - on stranger tides. as i'd seen it with my mum the week it came out, i had to fulfil my promise of accompanying the fella to watch this too. i really enjoyed this film, especially the famous music, but second time round my mind was on other stuff and i left the cinema in a grump having spent a couple of hours mulling over things that were on my mind.

2} i want to be on holiday already! i hate all the packing, travelling, trailing through airports, panicking about forgotten essentials. i want to be warm, sitting on a yacht, sipping a glass of white wine please!

3} surprises are the best. i have never sought out my presents before birthdays, and my habit of unwrapping gifts as slowly as possible has been known to draw christmas morning out until the afternoon, much to the annoyance of my sister.

4} the best accessory is a hat of course!

5} my favourite warm drink is tea. i drink about 6 cups of it a day. proper english breakfast tea though - non of that nasty herbal stuff!

6} my favourite cold drink is (hmm this is tricky) lemon ice tea. it's not very popular in this country, so when i see it i always grab it. i also shared my recipe for making your own a few weeks ago.

7} currently loving polyvore, summer sales, bruno mars, game of thrones, restorative yoga poses, having my hair kinda wavey & burt's bees lipbalm.

have a lovely weekend everyone!

{em} x 

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