Monday, 25 April 2011

easter bunny-ting

get it? easter bunny bunting. i know, i should stay away from puns!

yes it's at least a day too late to share this with you, but better late than never! here is my attempt to bring a little easteriness into my apartment. i picked up these little bunny shapes in paperchase a few weeks ago and deliberated over what to do with them until it was almost too late. eventually i decided some bunting along the frame of my mirror, would be lovely. here's what i did.

et voila! you have a cute bunting to hang in your home. i'm wondering how long i can keep this on display all year round.. i mean bunnies are for life, not just for easter, right?



beccaf1970 said...

Tee hee! Bunny-ting! This is so cute and cheery!

Say Anything Creations said...

These are so cute! What a fun decoration for the holiday! :)

Jo said...

How cute are they, what a great idea

CoventryAnn said...

So cute.. must have a go at these!!

Jinnag said...

Oh these are cute! Thanks for sharing. J x

Lisa-Jane said...

So cute! I can see all sorts of possibilities using those foam shapes you get for children's crafts!

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