Friday, 15 April 2011

fill in the blanks friday

1. my favourite daily responsibility is making the bed. i love to see the covers straight and the cushions arranged just so. i could never get into a bed that's not been properly made and have a good night sleep.

2. my least favourite daily responsibility is cleaning out the bunnies' cage. they love to come along 5 minutes later and mess it up again.

3. my favourite cuisine to eat when going out is, pizza! pizza is my favourite food full stop. i could honestly eat it every day and not get bored. it's also a go to meal for a veggie - no meat = happy em.

4. my favourite cuisine to prepare at home is soup. i love chopping the veg and blending it up. even when i throw in a load of cheese and cream, i can con myself i'm eating healthily!

5. Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. my claim to fame is that i performed with my school band on the childrens' TV program, Blue Peter. we played at the beginning and end of the show, and afterwards we hung out at BBC television centre.

6. if i could have 3 wishes, i would wish for a happy family, a healthy family and lots and lots of chocolate.

7. my biggest pet peeve is rudeness. rude drivers, rude shop assistance, rude people on the street. when did it become so hard to smile and say please and thankyou?

happy friday everyone!

{em} x

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