Saturday, 23 April 2011

fill in the blanks friday (oops - saturday)

1. fridays are sometimes the only thing that get me through the week. fridays hold promise and excitement. anything is possible on a friday because the weekend is so close you can feel it, and monday is to distant to be a worry.

2. people in love, weedy flowers, inside jokes, sunny days, and peach iced tea sound like brilliant song lyrics. my next line would go "they drive you crazy, make you lazy, but whatever you say, it just ain't me".

3. something that inspires me is the laura ashley catalogue. i want every one of those rooms in my imaginary future house!

4. if i had the day off today i would have pancakes for breakfast before heading to the gym. Then i would pack up a picnic and sunbathe on the grass outside a country house. i would alternate reading a book and having a doze in the shade. Sadly i do have the day off today, but nothing as lovely as that planned!

5. if i had to put a label on my home decor style i'd say my style is eclectic. i gravitate towards kooky wallpaper, statement furniture and pretty patterns. think laura ashley meets burlesque.

6. concerning politics i would say i'm constantly frustrated. surely even i could do a better job than most of the people running the country.

7. i'd like to go to 16th century england, so i could meet henry viii, give some words of warning to anne boleyn, and see hampton court palace in it's prime.

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Anonymous said...

When I worked, we always used to say TGIF....Thank God it's Friday!

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