Tuesday, 19 April 2011

unRemarkable girl : remarkable commenters

today i have spent more time than i should probably reveal, commenting in the worlds of fellow bloggers. i'm thrilled to be part of this blogging community. i read posts that make me laugh and cry, posts that inspire me and occasionally make me mad! but i must admit i don't always take the time to leave a comment and share what i think.

today i have been the comment queen because i want to let people know that i'm listening! 
already in unRemarkable girl's 2 months of existence, i can see in my reader stats that i have 25 subscribers. i'd like to say a special hello to you lovelies! and if you're a subscriber already, or here for the first time, i'd love it if you said a special hello by leaving a comment to say where you are reading from and if you have a blog where i can pop over and say hello back. "speak" to you soon!

{em} x


Angelfish said...

Hi Em! I'm here via BBFS, although it's not the first time I have visited your blog. I love that dress and commented when you posted about it before:)
Fiona x

Irene said...

Hello Em! I'm here from BBfS too! It's the first time I've visited your blog and I think if you click on my name in this comment you will be directed to my blog via Blogger dashboard. I'm also on the claSS blog roll. Hope to visit again soon!

melissa said...

love the blog! can't wait to see more posts :)

Sian said...

I'm here for the first time from BFS - but I'm sure I'll be back. Your blog has such a lovely look.

Winnie said...

Just dropping in to say hi from BFS. Love the simple look to your blog. :D

Ade said...

Hello! Canadian girl here. I just subscribed to your blog and I am enjoying your posts. Found you through Shimelle's class.

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