Saturday, 30 April 2011

a week in the life on unRemarkable girl

hi, thanks for joining me on this lovely sunny saturday. here are a few things about my week.

lovin this post: shakespeare on blogging

knocked 3 minutes of my 5 km run (no i'm not revealing my time - it's still pants!)

started new yoga class at manchester buddhism centre. i haven't practiced yoga in more than 5 years so it was both exciting and scary to pick it back up. is it bad that i need to find my old yoga mat because i don't fancy the ones at the class? i'm a total germ-o-phobe!

my latest amazon purchase arrived. parisian chic by ines de la fressange. i'm learning about how to get myself some parisian style! did you know that the secret to great style is to feel good in what you wear? well feeling good the parisian way is easy with this book, which gives some great style tips as well as what to do and where to shop next time you decide to drop by paris.

oh and i hear a couple of brit's got married this week. i may have got a little engrossed. what can i say? it should have been me!


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Lisa-Jane said...

Well done on the run. I'm still trying to get up to somewhere near that distance, let alone dropping minutes off my time - great stuff!

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