Friday, 29 April 2011

fill in the blanks friday

1. i am looking forward to summer. warm days, sunny evenings & reading in the garden. i'll be treading that careful line between getting a lovely tan and getting horribly burnt!

2. something kind of embarrassing that i still love anyway is my ted. i've had him all my life and he still sits by my bed. i wouldn't be at all suprise if he came alive in a "toy story" way.

3. my favourite car is my car of course! she's a lovely blue peugeot 206 cc. the few times a year i can have the roof down and the wind in my hair make it extra special.

4. if i could pick one type of weather to live with for the rest of my life it would be warm and sunny. very rarely do i complain about being too hot. sunshine makes my soul happy.

5. my favourite thing to do after a stressful day is curl up on the sofa in my comfy clothes and have a cup of tea (or two).

6. this weekend is going to be gloriously long! days off on friday and monday make work seem miles away.

7. if i were a colour i'd be brown because of all the chocolate i eat!



kebowman said...

oohh! i love long weekends too girl! :)

★ Destiny said...

I wish I had a garden, live in an apartment so that's a no go. bummer.

I can't wait for summer! :)

Have a rad weekend!

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