Thursday, 1 December 2011

grand house tour ~ the bedroom!

with the prospect that i might be moving out of my little apartment next year, i thought i should start appreciating what i have here before it's gone. so i thought i would share a little house tour with you guys. to call it the grand house tour might be a small exaggeration, but i have a lot here to be proud of so i'm gonna roll with it. 

i bought my apartment in 2006 when i was just 22. it was supposed to be a rental investment but i just couldn't resist moving in. living on my own wasn't at all daunting. i embraced having my own space, and tried to make every corner of it totally "me". i finally got the chance to indulge in my love of wallpaper of decadent chairs, and i wasn't afraid to go a little crazy at times. 

up first on our tour is the bedroom. i took to this room with my paintbrush almost immediately, and as soon as i thought the walls had dried out, papered the feature wall behind the bed. 

i adore this handprinted paper by louise body, it's kind of naughty and only suitable for the bedroom! if you look a bit closer at my side of the bed, you'll see that it's really overflowing with paperbacks and teddies. this is where the next few books i plan to read reside... at the moment i have a substantial backlog! not too pretty right?

...well i'm a slave to paper and bears. one of my other weaknesses is chairs. this one i spotted at a furniture shop closing down sale. i guess it was for the showroom to exhibit just how well they can meet the tastes of even the craziest person. anyway i can't resist a bargain or a velvet stripe, so this one came home with me.

i fear my fella hates this room - it's a girl's indulgence with throw pillows and hats hanging off every corner. luckily he only has to sleep in here, and has plenty of his own touches in other rooms. well that's just about it for the bedroom. i'm ashamed to say my overflowing wardrobe didn't make the cut this time, but you can imagine that i'm sure! next up i'll be boring you with my living room... prepare yourself for more unusual chairs!

{em} x

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