Thursday, 29 December 2011

instagrams on the beach

hello! i hope you had a lovely christmas. i enjoyed some down time which involved the fella and i flying half way round the world to florida for some wedding planning. we stayed on captiva off the gulf coast and enjoyed the beautiful weather and even more beautiful surroundings. 

thanks to the time difference, it was really easy to get up early in the morning. i loved getting up and running about 5km every morning before the sun got too hot. then heading back to our villa and making up pancakes for breakfast. i could eat them guilt free in the knowledge that i'd already burnt a few hundred cals!
during our first day we were astounded by the amount of wildlife to see around the island. we spotted manatees and dolphins within minutes of standing on the jetty. by the end of the week we were accustomed to such sights but not at all ready to leave them behind. 
most afternoons i indulged my love of the sunshine by spending a few hours soaking up the sun on the beach. my pale skin still requires lots of suncream, but i did manage to feel that lovely glow that only the sun can give. 
and call me old fashioned, but i could not get my head around the fact that even in florida, it was the week before christmas. christmas trees on the beach? "let it snow" on the radio? santa hats on a sunny day? very strange! as much as i love captiva, it was good to get home to the kind of christmas i know and love. 

i hope you had the kind of christmas you love too.

{em} x

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Sarah O'Holla said...

Wow sounds really nice. Love the last pic especially!

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