Saturday, 31 December 2011

grand house tour ~ the study!

on with the little tour of my even little-er apartment. last up is the study. this room was supposed to be a second bedroom but with my need for an office, and 2 bunnies to home, a bed was never going to make it's way into here.

these days my work space is taken up with printers. when the fella moved in we couldn't decide which one to keep, so both are still here. under the desk is one of the favourite hang outs for my bunnies. here you can just about make out diggory under the radiator and agatha under the chair.

for this room i loved the idea of floor to ceiling bookshelves, but i couldn't find shelving the right height anywhere so ikea's billy range came to the rescue. many years ago, these shelves were a beautiful display of some of my favourite things, nowadays apart from a couple of birdcages, the cabinets are stuffed with books and more books (and some ugly flying manuals).
because of my wallpaper love, papering the backs of these shelves seemed only natural. i do really love the effect.

i also use the left over scraps to cover old ring binders that will look extra pretty on my shelves. what else can i use my beautiful wallpaper for? really i'm up for hearing some ideas!

i hope you enjoyed the tour of my little apartment. see you in the new year!

{em} x

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Kimberlee said...

What a sweet little corner of shelving. :) And I love love love how your desk faces the window. So envious.

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