Wednesday, 14 December 2011

grand house tour ~ living space

next on the grand house tour is the living room, which is really a lounge, dining room and kitchen combined. i love this kind of open plan living, moving from cooking to eating to relaxing flows naturally in here as long as we keep the mess under control. 

i read somewhere that it is a crime against interior design to have a tv as the centre of a room, and since our's is a fairly big one, we had to find an even bigger mirror to balance up the room. 
lets play 'where's wally'... can you see me there in the mirror. i know it's not exactly professional but how do you escape that giant mirror? you wanna see more of that gorgeous sofa? 
my favourite part of the living room is my little corner where i can curl up in my purple armchair and read a book (or surf the web). 
i do love the mix of functions in here. despite being a room full of rooms, it feels really cozy thanks to heaps of pictures, flowers and lamps to provide the mood lighting. any day now i plan to christmas it all up, time for some fairy lights i think!

the last room on the tour is the study (and bedroom to my bunnies). prepare for a very small amount of excitement!

{em} x

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