Monday, 5 December 2011

what i'm reading - december issue

ooh lovely lovely books to read. the nights are drawing in, and i've plenty of time to snuggle up with my hot water bottle and a good read. well that and the time spent on a stuffy train with a thousand other commuters on their way into central manchester. so here's what i'm reading at the moment:

when god was a rabbit ~ sarah winman. i finished this off this morning instead of getting up early and going to the gym. a lovely novel about the love of siblings over the decades. if you liked 'one day' - this is for you.

every last one ~ anna quindlen. probably not one to read if you're feeling a bit blue already, but an interesting concept following the life of a woman who has lost almost everything. the book really gets going about half way through and is un-put-down-able until the end. 

drums on the night air ~ veronica cecil. this is next to read on my list. i was drawn to this book as my parents had their own african adventure with me when i was only a few years old. much more exciting than our own travels, this is the true story of veronica's escape from the war zone of the congo. 

the death instinct ~ jed rubenfeld. the sequel to 'the interpretation of murder', this latest offering from jed rubenfeld is just as gripping a mix of detective story and historical backdrop. if you thought that terrorism is a problem only the people of the 21st century have to suffer, you will think again from the opening pages which follow the events of the wall street bomb more than 100 years ago. 

have you finished any of these? i'd love to know your thoughts. what are you reading this cold winter evening?

{em} x

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Ade said...

I just finished When God Was a Rabbit as well. I was fascinated by the different relationships and personalities in the book. Overall I found it to be a bit sad though. I hope for more for the main character.

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