Saturday, 3 December 2011

instragrams in the city

on monday i was visiting my company's london office. the location is incredible and every time i'm there i can't help but feel proud to work in such a place. it was a cold and rainy day, but the mix of old and new buildings around london bridge provide a great backdrop to some serious business meetings. 

as much as i love the city, i'm always glad when it's time to head home. i find people who never smile and the jam packed underground pretty tiring and often need to sleep for an hour or too on the train home. it's even better when the train home is running on time! overall a successful trip.

{em} x


Alexa said...

Great photos, I love visiting London, but I'm always glad to go home too.

ktpland said...

I love the hustle & bustle of London (which is a good job cos I live here!), it's true tho us Londoners never smile on our commutes & it's knackering on the tube (that's normally where I catch up on sleep!). I'll try to walk around & smile more in the hope I'll pass you one day & I'll have seemed like the one happy person in London!

Susan said...

stunning photos!

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