Monday, 2 May 2011

yet more lists

ok, ok - this is my last "30 days of lists" post. i finally finished the project, and have another cute little book to add to my shelf.

list 20 was about celebrity crushes. I listed 3 (Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Orange and Clive Owen - i mean, who wouldn't!) and the rest will have to stay on a mental list. I don't want to give my fella a complex!

list 27 was an interesting one: lessons learnt. this took some thinking about. i threw in some light hearted ones:

high heels hurt - don't even bother!


snow sports are not for me.

and some more serious ones:

life isn't like the movies


karma is real

these are all things that have been especially close to my heart over the last few years, but i wonder if i'll remember what i had in mind if i look back on this book a few years from now.

now that's all wrapped up, i have my eye out for other {preferably free} bits of inspiration out there. i've had fun playing with my papers and glue stick, and would love an excuse not to put them away yet! if you're participating in any fun on-line projects, i'd love to know about it.


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