Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 things... to do instead of watching tv

hello! well it's the 10th again. my google analytics dashboard tells me that these "10 things" posts are consistently getting the more hits than any others. talk about pressure!

today i decided to write about things to do instead of watching tv. don't get me wrong, we have more than one tv in my house, and i love nothing more than an episode of the simpsons, but i also try very hard to keep a good balance between that and some more wholesome activities. so on to this month's ten things...

1} listen to music. and i mean really listen. turn the lights down and listen to the words. dance in your living room.

2} read a book. i posted my latest must read list a few months ago. pick up a book and really get lost in it. read your favourite childhood book and remember how it made you feel the first time.
3} write a letter. seriously, i can't remember the last time i wrote a proper letter. i do know i have a huge stack of beautiful writing paper just waiting to be used. i miss the excitement of finding an envelope on the mat (or one that wasn't a bill anyway). take some time to write to someone you love, stick a stamp on it and make someone's day.

4} get outdoors. climb a hill, walk a dog, see how fast you can run then recover while having a picnic in the sun. i can't wait to crunch through the leaves under my feet and feel that chill in the air this autumn. here are some of my favourite ideas.

5} learn a new skill. have you looked how much free stuff there is out there on the internet? you can learn almost any language, learn to cook, learn to code, learn to sew, all with free online resources. the bbc has a great website i've been using to keep up with my french.

6} make a scrapbook. save money by making your own "smash book". stick in all those ticket stubs and shopping lists that gather at the bottom of your handbag. make a record of your life right now using words and pictures and crayons if you like!

7} play a game. why save board games for christmas or card games for casinos? get some friends together for a game night. make nibbles and a score board but try not to let the competition get the better of you!

8} do something crafty. check out craft gossip for a squillion ideas for things to make. i find there's something incredibly soothing about making things with my own hands. even if they do turn out wonky and imperfect. and i always think a friend who doesn't appreciate a hand made gift isn't worth having!

9} redecorate using stuff you already have. pop a new picture in a frame, make a display out of your favourite books, move around your bits and pieces so you notice them and enjoy them again. surround yourself with things that make you happy.

10} read my blog, leave a comment, say hello, or if you want to make me really happy, click to be a follower over on the side bar!

sorry about that last sneaky one - i couldn't resist! if you haven't done already, check out other "10 things" posts over at shimelle's blog.

{em} x


Tammy said...

This is a great post! Makes me realize I already to many of these things so I must not be watching a whole lot of TV these days. That 30 days of lists album is gorgeous! :)

The Mann Fam said...

What a great list! It makes one stop and think about how much time the TV sucks out of your 24 hours. Thanks for sharing.

Gwen Edwards said...

That BBC language site is awesome. Now learning French...

Nance said...

Haha! How clever esp number 10. I love it! Love your list and thanks for the new ideas. On my way to snoop at the site on crafty things.... Hope to make something new. Thanks again and your visit to my blog meant a lot. Till next ten....

Queenie said...

Brilliant list and some good ideas to do!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love your list...and the accompanying photos! The soft colors of your blog are dreamy, too...I could stay here for a long, long time! :) I too like to think of things to do instead of watching TV....there's so much to do out there! <3
Thank you so much for your visit to my blog..I can't wait to see what your 10 on the 10th will be in October!

WendyB said...

Ha, I love this list and can agree I think with every single one. I took a look at your outdoor list too - via ferrata caught my eye. I've never quite got around to this (broken ankle meant we had to cancel trip) but I have absolutely LOVED rock climbing in the past. And as for the Lake District - one of my most favourite places. Thanks for sharing your list and for your comment on mine.

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