Friday, 30 September 2011

fill in the blanks friday

hello - i haven't played along with fill in the blanks for ages! where has the last month disappeared to?

1} my current obsession is 'downton abbey'. each new episode is the highlight of my week, and i nerdily watch the repeat to make sure i didn't miss anything the first time round. i treated myself to the boxset of the first season so i can re-watch it - maybe i'll get it on my ipad and watch at the gym.

2} bunnies make me happy. (i always have to get something bunny related in my blanks)

3} my greatest strength is my ability to be alone. i believe everyone should learn to enjoy their own company.

4} insecurity is my greatest weakness. there are so many things i would try if i was sure i wouldn't upset or offend anyone with my presence. i'd love to be a more confident person.

5} my life is the most exciting it has ever been right now. christmas is only 12 weeks away, there's a wedding on the horizon and the possibilities for adventure seem endless.

6} in high school i was always the new girl. i attended more schools than i can remember. being the newbie gave me instant identity.

7} when i'm super tired - beware! i'm mean, crabby and moody.


prompts from the little things we do.

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Sarah O'Holla said...

You're talking about Downton Abbey season 2 aren't you?!?!?!?! I am so jealous!!!

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