Sunday, 18 September 2011

pins and needles

well hello there lovelies. what have you been up to this weekend? i've been slaving over my sewing machine making this little purse; a special order for my sister.

i used this tutorial from noodlehead. the fabric is a chopped up old sundress, so it only cost me a few hours of time and a zip (well actually 2 zips, as i made a right hash of the first attempt and ended up abandoning it).

i don't claim to be a great seamstress, but i do get a wonderful satisfaction out of sewing. seeing something like this come together feels like such a productive way to spend my free time, and at the end i have a lovely little gift to give someone special. don't you think handmade gifts are just the best?

if you like to make little purses like i do, check out my collection of online tutorials on pinterest.

{em} x

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vintch said...

goodness girl, you are super talented! so happy to find your blog:) if there's any trade i wish i could learn, sewing would certainly be it. looks like you've got it down pat! the only thing i've really sewn is a shirt for my dog and that took me forever and turned out awful. oh well, at least he can't complain!

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