Thursday, 15 September 2011

wedding junkie!

well since my big engagement i've obviously had one thing on my mind: weddings! i've always had this suspicion that being engaged would be the best time of my life and now that i'm living it, it feels pretty damn good. i love to think of all the good stuff ahead, so much so that i'm not in a rush to get on with any of it. i'm savouring the moment! while i'm in this happy period, i thought this might be a good place to occasionally share some wedding inspiration. please feel free to tell me to "shhhh" if i get carried away. 

as the blogosphere is always my best source of inspiration, my first "wedding junkie" task is to seek out some awesome wedding blogs to add to my reader. so far i'm loving:

~ 'i do' it yourself. for some great wedding DIY ideas

~ the loveliest day. lots of dreamy photo inspiration

~ style me pretty. check out the real wedding galleries

~ once wed. page upon page of wedding ideas for your viewing pleasure

can you recommend anywhere else i can go for my wedding inspiration hit? i'm afraid of going mad on magazines just yet, as once i start i don't think i'll be able to stop!

{em} x


Sarah O'Holla said...

100 Layer Cake was my bible when I was engaged!

ktpland said... is awesome if you want more individual ideas! :) enjoy! x

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I totally know what you mean about loving being engaged, I'm getting married in April and am loving all the planning!

Thanks for sharing these sites, love style me pretty! I've been getting sooo much inspiration from pinterest, I've made a wedding board and keep collecting lots of images, its a great way to visualise how the big day is going to look. I'd defo reccommend doing that, if you haven't already! It also links you up to loads of awesome wedding sites which is a bonus : ) xx

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