Tuesday, 24 May 2011

3 unRemarkable fitness goals - in review

as a motivator i promised myself i would revisit my goals a week after i make them to see how i've done. today i feel happy enough with my progress in my fitness goals. to recap:

1} find a great app on my phone to track my workouts. i tried out a few apps, and my favourite by far was Endomondo. the app has a nice clean interface which i use to enter my work outs as i do them. the website shows the stats on progress. just enough to be interesting, not too much to be overwhelming.

2} learn how to stretch and warm up properly. my feet and ankles have been a big hold back to my running this year. i've been feeling like if i knew how to warm them up better i could avoid such problems. on monday I joined in at a new class at the gym, WillPower & Grace (not a very clever name if you ask me!). this is all based on the idea of barefoot exercise and i really enjoyed my first session. i wonder if regularly using these techniques could strengthen my ankles.

3} aim to fit a swim into my workout routine every week. ok - i haven't managed any swimming this week, it's been so sad and rainy recently i haven't been able to face getting any wetter!

2 out of 3 ain't bad! tomorrow i hope to tackle the topic of healthy eating - eek! pizza is my weakspot!

{em} x

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