Wednesday, 18 May 2011

3 unremarkable fitness goals

sometimes sweet is one of my favourite blogs. i love "tattoo tuesdays" posts and reading about sweet little henry. recently i've been really inspired by the "8 weeks to a better you" feature, although i'm kinda picking it up in the middle, this post really made me think. this year, fitness has been a big focus area for me. the fella and i agreed to try not to let ourselves go, just because we are "young and in love" and i could use a boost in both body and soul.

so here are my 3 goals to a fitter me:

1} find a great app on my phone to track my workouts.

2} learn how to stretch and warm up properly.

3} aim to fit a swim into my workout routine every week.

wow - i feel like a better me already!

{em} x

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