Monday, 16 May 2011

why do i blog?

why do i blog?

i think i have written and rewritten the answer to this question four or five times now. in the end, (and i'm a little bit ashamed to admit it) i probably blog for mostly selfish reasons.

i blog because sometimes, until i've put it in writing, i don't know what i think.

i blog because i want to contribute a little something to this community that i love.

i blog because sometimes, until i've shared some inspiration, i don't know what inspires me.

i blog because being unRemarkable might just make me a little bit more remarkable.

i blog sharing this little corner of my life means something to me. maybe just me.

{em} x

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Alycia ( said...

great list! i know what you mean, how you don't know how you feel until you write it down. then the answer is right there :)

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