Tuesday, 10 May 2011

quilty goodness

this weekend i finished sewing up my quilt top following the guidelines from that quilt along.

its not perfect, but i'm proud of it. this is the first quilt i've ever made (or started to make). i love the idea of taking a bunch of mismatched scraps and turning it into something beautiful and practical. i opted for the non-wonky version, but it still came out a bit wonky in places. i guess it's the kind of thing you should only look at from a distance.  

unfortunately the fabric i used doesn't match a single room in our flat, so it will probably be saved for a future home, in which, if i ever finish this quilt off, i promise to decorate a whole room around its colour scheme.

{em} x


Jo said...

You should feel proud, it's beautiful

Sian said...

It is really lovely - that blue is an absolutely stunning shade

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