Monday, 23 May 2011

"project" project - embroidery

hiya. today i have that sunday night feeling, even though it's monday already. i'm so so sad i'm back to work tomorrow. these last few days have gone so quickly considering i've hardly left the house!

before i head off to bed, i wanted to share with you a quick snap of the progress i've made on the "rosie and bear" pattern from my bustle and sew magazine. at $2.50 a month i'd say the subscription is really worth it, even if you only make one thing.
so far i've only done the easy bits, choosing the colours was my favourite task. i hope you can make out the little girl and her bear sitting atop the pile of books. i'm a bit nervous about sewing bear's fur, the original is so cute and realistic, i hope my version can live upto it! i'm planning on finishing this off during the evenings this week, but we'll see how much life gets in the way.

i hope you are enjoying some projects of your own.

{em} x

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Sian said...

That's gorgeous! The magazine is a new one to me, I think I might need to check it out.

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