Sunday, 29 May 2011

the one where em's thrilled she won something!

yey - while doing my daily blog trawl, i just spotted on the bustle and sew blog that i won a giveaway i entered. i'm thrilled, i've never won anything like this before. but how could i not enter, just to be in with a chance of claiming one of those awesome little geese. i can't wait to get started!

in celebration of my bustle and sew victory (ok - i know it's more luck than skill - but hey - work with me here!) i thought i'd share an update on the pattern that i started last week. the pile of books now has rosie sitting on top. (please forgive the terrible lighting in the photo - sometimes you just can't wait around here!)

after some unpicking and re-stitching to get the little shoes just right, i thought it was coming along nicely. i showed the fella the latest work (though it may have been stretching it a bit to expect enthusiasm from him) and he exclaimed - "oh yes - now she's holding a present!". after explaining that it was supposed to be a book on her lap, not a box, i sent him back to watch top-gear and leave me in peace. so i guess at sometime that's going to need re-stitching too!

i plan to spend some more time on the sides of those books tomorrow. it takes all my concentration to get those lines nice and straight.

{em} x

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