Friday, 20 May 2011

fill in the blanks {on my "project" project} friday

part of my "project" project was to put some extra time into my blog. today's first task was no task at all. i love to play along with fill in the blanks friday, so here goes!

1} people always tell me i look like my sister. which i suppose isn't very unusual. however the fact that i look the same age as her is! at 26 i'm not supposed to need to carry my ID with me, or convince people that i'm really the older sister. i suppose when i'm 40 i'll be pleased to look 8 years younger, but at the moment it's just annoying!

2} friends don't let friends down. one of my pet hates is when people commit to things, and then drop out. it's lame!

3} a sunny day is perfect for sunbathing with a book, walking a rescue dog and having lunch in a pub beer garden.

4} my favourite accessory is my hat(s). my hat collection is starting to take over my flat, but i just can't get enough. there's no occasion that there isn't a perfect hat for.

5} if i could afford it i would dedicate my life to caring for abandoned rabbits. both my bunnies are rescued, but there are so many more that i could love if i had the time and the space.

6} the cure for boredom is the internet. honestly i could surf the web for hours. if you know where to look, it's jam packed with inspiration from things to make to places to go. with all these ideas there's never any time to be bored.

7} i am currently "in like" with the little bird's nest in the cigarette-butt-bin-thing by my building's front door. A little peek through the gap reveals half a dozen hungry beaks waiting to be fed. mummy blue-tit flies in and out every few minutes with some snacks to regurgitate! not the cleverest of places to build your heavily flammable home though. (note to self - do not google the word "tit" without preparing yourself for some shocking images)

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katmcdknits said...

Love #7. Some birds just have no sense! Fun to be able to see them up close though.

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