Wednesday, 25 May 2011

3 unremarkable healthy eating goals

being a vegetarian living with a meat eater, finding a healthy balanced diet that makes us both happy is quite a task. in order to share the same food at mealtimes, we tend to have a handful of meals that we fall back on time and time again. 3 things i just love to supplement these meals with are:

- greek yogurt. i just can't get enough of it. it makes a great desert to cleanse the palette and settle the stomach.

- soup. i love to throw loads of veggies in a pot and mix it up. it's a great way to use up leftovers and sneak in those veggies you need every day.

- pancakes. throw some soft brown sugar and cinnamon into the batter for an extra yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

on the other hand, there are some things i love a bit too much. i love the meat substitute "quorn", and i believe it is low in fat, but i don't like the idea of relying on one manufacturer so highly. pizza is a favourite in my house, but the deliciousness is always followed by the guilt - all that cheese cannot be good for anyone! all in all - food is a struggle. the challenge of setting 3 goals for healthy eating (set over at sometimes sweet) is something i cannot allow myself to put off any longer. my goals are:

1} cook something new from my quorn cookbook to kick start my enjoyment of food. "meat" balls in a blue cheese sauce sound delish!

2} cut down on the pizza, maybe by having half a portion and using a side salad to fill up my plate.

3} have another look at organic. the benefits of eating fresh, chemical free food are obvious, but now i've heard that organic food can help you lose weight and live longer. the extra cost of organic produce is a big turn off when times are tight, however food that makes you feel better has got to be worth every penny.

check back to find out how i've got on with these goals next week.

{em} x

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