Sunday, 24 July 2011

26 in review

well tomorrow is my birthday. before my 26th year is up, i thought it would be fun to have a quick look back at what's happened since last july 25th.

last year we were in florida for my birthday. we did the usual theme park stuff in orlando, and spent a lot of time in and on the water in sanibel.

in september my friends & i went hiking in the dolomites. i had my first experience on the via feratta, and picked up a lot of bruises along the way.

i had this plan to climb each of the 3 peaks, one each year. i got to the top of my final one, scafell pike in november. a thick blanket of snow came down during the night before we set off, and it was beautiful but freezing cold.

unremarkable girl was set up in march. i've enjoyed putting my thoughts into writing, and being part of a little community since i started this blog. every comment i got, i have read two or three times, and valued so much. i hope i will still be here writing away this time next year.

2011 has been a year of holidays. we were riding beautiful horses in andalucia in april and we were sailing beautiful yachts in greece in june. all in all that's our holiday budget all spent up.

over the last year i've read dozens of books, started cooking much more than ever before, and really embraced a fitness routine. my fella and i have been tested, and got through it stronger than ever. i bought my beloved iphone and embraced photoshop elements. i saw my favourite band in the world live in manchester, and watched the final installment of the harry potter films.  

overall it's been a pretty cool year. i wonder what the next year will hold. see you on the other side...

{em} x

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Sarah O'Holla said...

Happy birthday! You've inspired me to make swimming with dolphins a goal for myself. Maybe on or in my 30th year?

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