Friday, 22 July 2011

make love not horcruxes

my sister and i are lucky enough to share a birthday. sarah was born on my 8th birthday, and ever since, 25th july has been a day not about me, but about family celebration. on monday, my sister will turn 19, and as big sister it is my duty to be a great present buyer.
i often try to come up with a handmade gift too. she's a big harry potter fan like me, so when i saw the slogan "make love not horcruxes" doing the rounds on the internet, i knew i had to stitch it up for her. i used a scrap of fabric, and put it in an ikea frame i had lying around. that's what i call a present on a budget. i hope she will like it.

{em} x


Sarah O'Holla said...

Same birthdays?? That is amazing! Happy almost birthday to you both!

Carol Anne said...

I really like that gift! Your stitching is so nice, too.

Mollie. said...

I'm not a Harry Potter gal, so I'll just nod and pretend that I fully understand the reference... But I'll also say that this looks great! I love the stitching on the patterned fabric.

Did your sister like it?

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