Monday, 11 July 2011

little black book

have i mentioned our recent sailing holiday? oh yes that's right - about 1000 times already! we were visiting so many places, and experiencing so many new things that i wanted to keep a record so i wouldn't forget all the little stuff. i was also inspired by the book i was reading at the time - dolphins under my bed  (i'd recommend it if you're a reluctant sailor like me) - which is the journal of a couple in their 50's who gave up everything and sailed from england to the med.

i picked up this black moleskin note book at the airport on the way out, and filled it with page upon page of detailed notes. i took along pencils with the idea of sketching stuff i saw, but time was lacking, and my book was completely limited to narrative.

now i am home, i am wondering what to do with this book. it looks to me to be a bit sorry for itself. no pictures, no colour, not even a ticket stub. so what should i do now? should i go glue stick crazy and start sicking things in? or should i leave it as it's "true" self with just words to tell the story? i need inspiration!

{em} x

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Cupcake Katie said...

Hey! I saw you in the "30 Days" Flickr group and just had to come and visit your blog =) I'm following you through Google Friend Connect, I know it's cheeky but will you follow me back? (No pressure!!)
Hope you're having a great week

Love, Katie xo

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