Friday, 29 July 2011

payday wishing

well it's payday, which means i am rich for one day only!

first thing needed today was a dash to the hairdressers. bye bye split ends, hello shiny locks and stylish fringe!

next a trip to the apple store, but i quickly ran out again after seeing the price of a teeny tiny cover for my lovely new ipad (thankyou for that my handsome fella)!

but before all my pay drains away on my mammoth mortgage & household bills, i have a wish list as long as my arm that i would really like to chose a treat from.

joseph joseph spaghetti measure. oh the problems clever and cute (just like my man!) i need one of these in my life!

hare t-shirt from espirit. i had this in my hand last week, and put it back on the shelf to save money... big mistake!

new running shoes. i fancy some of the nike+ trainers, so i can sync my ipod and my shoes. or maybe i'm just swayed by my recent splurge on all things apple. i think more research is needed!

radical self love boot camp. does my online class fund stretch to $100? i'm not sure, but this sure sounds like inspiring stuff. it's about time the exchange rate did something useful!

happy payday folks!

{em} x

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Sarah O'Holla said...

Cute bangs! Oops, I mean fringe!

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