Saturday, 2 July 2011

review - the ultimate spiritual way

i've been promising for ages to write a little post about this book, so here we are...

i like to think of myself as open minded, and from time to time i dip my toe into the spirituality waters without feeling the need to go for a swim. when i was perusing the yoga memoirs at the book shop as few weeks ago, a book on the next shelf caught my eye. that was probably for all the wrong reasons, but the concept was an interesting one. 

the first 150 pages of "f**k it" are packed with the kind of wisdom that you will wish had been passed onto you many years earlier. learning to identify what is important is liberating to say the least. appreciating the little things in life is easy when you realise that behaviours drilled into you from childhood can be cast aside without making you a bad person.

i almost finished this book prepared to sing it's praises. however the last section in some way devalues the rest by risking reducing the earlier philosophy to a bad joke. i suggest you skip this section altogether but do read this, and then pass it on to your friends. if nothing else it will help them understand your new attitude to life, and at the very least put a smile on their face. you may want to hide the cover from old ladies on the train so as not to offend though.

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Rachel said...

If nothing else, it's got a great title!

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