Friday, 15 July 2011

filling in the blanks (and the deathly hallows)

the day is finally here. i have 6 tickets for the 8pm showing in my grubby little hand. this is like my moon landing - tonight i see the final film in the harry potter series... i'm 26 on the outside and 6 on the inside. i couldn't be more excited!

in other news, it's quiet in the office today so i plan to take it easy & wind down for the weekend. but for now...

1} i am a morning person. don't get me wrong, i HATE getting up early, i'm tired, cranky and my hair sticks up at all kinds of weird angles. however, i love to use those hours that other people waste away in bed for something productive. at the weekend if i can get to the gym by 9am, i feel sooo smug, and i allow myself all kinds of luxuries for the rest of the day as reward.

2} my favourite radio station is radio 1. i listen to nothing else really. i love music, but listening to the chris moyles show in the morning wakes me up. i laugh along with their banter so much i forget they aren't really my friends.

3} 3 of my must have road trip songs are:
     ~ valarie by amy winehouse
     ~ volvo driving soccer mom by everclear
     ~ chelsea dagger by the fratellis

4} my favourite pattern is a mix floral and birds. think dreamy laura ashley wallpaper.

5} my favourite perfume is called "love" and you can only buy it in lush stores (or online like my fella does every christmas!).

6} rules are for everyone! i can't stand rule breakers. people that cut queues, that smoke in non smoking areas, and don't even get me started on bad drivers!

7} my most overused phrase is currently "on it like a car bonnet". i picked it up off mtv and now i can't get it out of my head. if i ever let it slip out i feel immediately embarrassed. damn you television!

that's all for now folks!

{em} x

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Tina and Curtis said...

I feel a little like I'm totally stalking your blog right now with all these comments (ha!) but how great is Mr Fish?! Well...carpark catchphrase as a game in general. But mainly Mr Fish.

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