Tuesday, 5 July 2011

...on writing a meaningful blog post

recently i've been pondering my blog content more and more. i enjoy playing along with prompts like "3 little goals" and "fill in the blank friday". these are great for when inspiration is lacking, but sometimes i'm concerned that these can dictate my content more than i would like.

i've been thinking about the pros and cons of writing a truthful and meaningful post. i want to talk about things that make me both happy and sad, but i don't want to use this as a space to brag or to moan. some of my favourite bloggers are those who tell the truth when they're having a bad day but i can quickly lose my patience with mr or mrs whiney! (and they can be seperate people - not just two people in an unhappy marriage!)

i believe i can find a balance here by sticking to a few little rules:

- tell the truth (both good and bad)
- do not use this space to name names or point fingers
- when i see a problem, suggest a remedy
- do not be patronising
- share inspiring thoughts and not negative ones
- be true to myself

there are some topics i'd like to talk about someday, if i can get the balance right, such as body image, spirituality, feminism, i don't know really! so i guess i'm saying stick with me (and be kind!) while i try to find my voice. after that, you might struggle to shut me up. and yes - i have a tendancy to use pictures of flowers when i can't find anything that fits the theme. deal with it!

{em} x

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