Saturday, 9 July 2011

scrappy flower & frank

my mum asked me to make her a brooch to make her new bag look different from the thousands of others sold in the marks & spencer's sale. here it is pretending it's a real flower with frank. why the plant is named frank i'll never know, remind me to ask my fella sometime.

i started making these years ago from an online tutorial (i've searched but i can't find it anymore - if you know it, let me know please). it's basically a stack of flowers made from different scraps of fabric. you fold a square in half and then half again and cut it into a heart shape. unfold and voila! sew through the middle of the stack and attach a button if you fancy.

this all came together while watching an episode of the biggest loser usa and helped me to reduce the size of my scrap bag a little. i'd call that a productive saturday wouldn't you?

{em} x

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