Tuesday, 25 October 2011

deadly decor

where i come from, we don't make a big thing of halloween. if i'm honest, i don't really like the idea of it. the undead stalking the earth and witches curses. doesn't sound like much of a reason to celebrate to me. 

however i'm not one to say no to a reason to breakout my glue and scissors and make a little seasonal decoration. what do you think of this ghostie garland? i used this template from ginger & george, played around in photoshop accessorising the little fellows until i had one page with 9 ghosts to print out. i sat and did some snipping while enjoying 'dancing with the stars', threaded them on a piece of string, and voila! halloween decor suitable for even the softest of people. 

do you go all martha stewart over halloween? or would you rather hide from the trick or treaters and eat your own sweets? 

{em} x

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Suzy Marie said...

So cute!

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