Monday, 31 October 2011

diggory and agatha say hello

at work today we were talking about the 'what happens if zombies attack and it's every man for himself' scenario that actually gets discussed more often than i like to admit. i was saying i would get myself and my bunnies (and maybe my fella) out to sea in a nice little yacht where we would of course be entirely safe, coz zombies can't swim ya know! i ended up by explaining all about my bunnies to some very confused people, so i thought i'd share a little of their story with you too.

diggory and agatha are very well trained house-rabbits. they live in my spare bedroom and when i'm at home they have the run of the house. most of the time they are very good at not chewing the carpets or the furniture.

both my bunnies were adopted as adults from rescue centres. diggory came first about 4 years ago. i was happy with just one bunny to keep me company as back then i was working from home a lot. when i saw him at the shelter looking through the bars of his little cage i couldn't resist his sweet face and floppy ears. it was about 18 months later when i came across agatha (so named because we knew nothing about her past - she was a mystery) i couldn't resist her. she was described as a little bit moody which is putting it lightly. agatha isn't a people rabbit, but that's ok with me.

diggory wasn't known to get along with other bunnies, but he instantly fell in love with agatha like we did and now they are best of friends. he doesn't love me so much anymore, but since i now go out to work, i'm glad he has a friend to keep him company. 

so that's how i ended up living with two fluffy babies. they are lovely to have around and not nearly as much maintenance as a dog or cat would be. i can't recommend living with bunnies enough, though i can't guarantee they will be as lovely as mine!

listen to me waffling on! i certainly can talk on the subject of bunnies better than the subject of zombies. so now, please tell me about your own furry friends. i'd love to hear. 



Shara said...

i fall i love they are sooo cute:))kisses

La Folie 

Susan said...

They are so adorable! Is their bathroom business not an issue with them having the run of the house? I didn't think a bunny could be trained like that. As for our furry friends - just two ordinary cats, but there are jackrabbits outside around our house and we love to get a glimpse of them hopping along - very graceful in their movement.

Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

thats probably the cutest thing I've ever seen... I am having a major cute attack as we speak. Oh dear....

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