Sunday, 30 October 2011

what a week...

well i think i just had one of the worst weeks of the year so far. my fella has been away for 2 weeks now and he's not due back until friday so it's been just me and ted hanging out here. i started monday by arriving at work and realising i'd left my laptop at home. considering the commute takes 60 minutes each way and i can't work without my laptop, i was not pleased. all week i was dead on my feet with tiredness. on friday morning i over slept and missed my train altogether. thank goodness the weekend picked up. in better news, this week was one where...

~ i started hearing christmas music and seeing christmas trees in the shops. it's only october, but my christmas excitement is setting in already. 8 weeks and counting...

~ i upgraded to iOS 5 seemingly without a hitch. i could get used to this apple life i'm now living. 

~ i watched 'mary poppins'. i'll never be too old for that film. i just love 'step in time' with the chimney sweeps on the rooftops. 

~ most of all, i just loved this parade of dressed up dogs.

hope your week was a better one than mine!

{em} x

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