Friday, 28 October 2011

fill in the blanks friday {childhood edition}

hello and happy friday! this week's blanks are on a childhood theme so i thought it would be fun to play along.

1} when i was a kid i wanted to be a journalist when i grew up.

2} as an adult my dream job would be managing a national trust country house.

3} when i was younger i wanted to be just like clarissa from "clarissa explains it all". do you remember that show? a young melissa joan hart wearing whacky outfits.

4} the childhood halloween costume that i remember the most was when i was a witch, aged about 5. actually that's the only halloween costume i remember. i'm not big on halloween :-(

5} my favourite childhood toy was a 'my little pony' hair salon. it had a working shower thing which i loved!

6} the time i got into the buggest amount of trouble when i was a kid was when i came home after a party, aged 14, a little tipsy. as i was throwing up that night, i realised i'd learn my lesson.

7} i get daily inspiration from my favourite blogs. see a selection of them here.

what are you upto this weekend? i hope it's a fun one!

{em} x

prompts provided at head over there to play along.

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Sar said...

I loved Clarissa! I was also a big fan of You Can't Do That on TV! (A lot of my friends don't know that show; it may have been Canadian).

Happy Friday!

-Sarah from

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