Wednesday, 19 October 2011

pugly graffiti

did i mention i have a pug obsession? every time i see a pug out and about, i'm begging my fella to let me have one. realistically i know it would be a bad idea with having no garden, and my 2 bunny babies being such tempting dinner to a dog. but i can dream. 

today i had to stop and take a photo when i came across this graffiti at a bus station in manchester city centre. i felt kinda silly taking photos but seriously... how cute!

what do you think of graffiti? is it an eyesore or does it bring a smile to your face?

{em} x


vintch said...

it's usually a bit crazy, but this one is downright adorable! pugs are certainly precious:) my neighbor has one and he's the sloppiest, messiest thing ever but one look at that face, and he gets away with anything!

Lyndsey Winnington (Lispencie) said...

^_^ lovely photo

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