Tuesday, 11 October 2011

so very beret

in all the excitement around my paris trip, i forgot to show you my newest addition to my hat collection. i spotted this cute beret in the cath kidston shop while hunting for suitable outfits for a parisian weekend, but didn't buy it because, well, i have more hats that i can count. but then after 24 hours of regretting leaving it behind, i ran back to snatch it up quick. 

now i know what you're thinking. a beret to wear in paris, that's a little cliched, but have you seen it from the back?

that bunny broach just about sealed the deal for me. i just can't say to a bunny / hat combo. in the end i was thankful for my cute beret. it sheltered my poor hair from the rain shower we dodged around on our splendid walk along the south bank. i think i may need a new hat for every weekend break from now on. 

{em} x 

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Suzy Marie said...

I have a black beret (which I bought in Paris actually), although no bunny badge. But I never wear it because I'm not a confident hat wearer. Yours looks fab so I'm going to give mine a go tomorrow haha.x

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