Sunday, 23 October 2011

pretty in progress

without even realising it, i've started my first crotchet project in my blog colour scheme. these colours are a fair bit darker in real life, but i love how they contrast. i'm planning a long stripy scarf in some very basic stitches that i'm learning using the great videos at craftyminx.  it's currently going slowly and i'm worried that christmas is only 9 weeks away. this project may end up being a present for myself, sometime around april!

this year i'm determined to get ahead on my christmas shopping and making. i'm on the look out for cute tutorials that would make nice little presents. if you love giving handmade gifts, check out my pinterest board for some ideas. 

hope you are having a lovely weekend. 

{em} x

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Suzy Marie said...

You must subconsciously love this colour scheme ha! I'm so into green at the moment, I'm sure your scarf will look fabulous when it's finished.x

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