Thursday, 13 October 2011

not too cool for {crochet} school

why am i still awake and online after midnight you ask? you might also ask why i have a little metal hook in bed with me. the answer to both questions is here.

my name is em and i'm addicted to craftyminx's incredibly cute crotchet tutorials. the videos are super easy to follow and her blog is so sweet i just want to click around it for hours. 

Free crochet school starts october 1st on
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now i have got a grip on the basics i want to just keep going. i may end up with a very long scarf all in the most simple of stitches. this makes me feel good because i'm learning something new and i'm tackling a potential handmade christmas present. well for anyone who needs a very basic, very long, green scarf!

if crotchet is something you've thought about but never got round to trying, here is your chance. but make sure that you get some sleep at some point too. goodnight!

{em} x

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